The VSS.net Notification System

The VSS.net Notification System

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System VSS.net

Full control of notifications thanks to the VSS.net platform. Below are the key areas supported for your business.

Delivery notification

During periods of increased operations related to deliveries and pickups from warehouses, the Studio VSS.net program will assist in optimizing the distribution of products and materials within the warehouse.

Time windows

Time windows in the notification system allow for the creation and management of loading and unloading schedules in warehouses. The system automatically calculates loading/unloading times based on the type of transport, number of pallets, or type of assortment, thus automatically reserving the appropriate time needed to handle the vehicle.

Scheduling warehouse operations

The program allows for controlling and managing the schedule of warehouse operations. Warehouse workers have access to created notifications with the ability to edit data, accept them, or change the loading/unloading time.

SMS and email notifications

Communication via SMS with contractors, carriers, and drivers. From the logistics platform, you can manually or automatically send SMS notifications to mobile phones. Notifications can be sent directly to drivers, as well as to transport companies and contractors.

System LPR

The LPR (License Plate Recognition) System is a technology that enables automatic recognition of vehicle license plates. The LPR system relies on the use of cameras and software for image analysis. Cameras capture an image of the vehicle's license plate, and then the software processes this image to extract the license plate number.
By implementing the LPR system in Studio VSS.net, we achieve automatic recording of vehicles entering or leaving the premises.

Mobile application

It allows customers and company employees to access the transport notification system from anywhere and at any time.
Thanks to the mobile application, the transport notification process can be expedited. Customers can quickly and easily input and update shipment information, while transport companies can promptly receive and process this information.
The application is available on both Android and iOS platforms.


Our software features a built-in multilanguage module that allows for adding translations into multiple foreign languages.
Studio VSS.net is translated into languages including English, German, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

The software of SoftwareStudio company

Studio VSS.net

enables the registration of notifications, visits, controls their time and progress, and coordinates access to defined resources (docks, gates, and scales).

System functionalities


Notification entries can be viewed in the program using tables and in a calendar layout (Scheduler). Events in the calendar can be added, edited, and their positions changed using the drag-and-drop method. The calendar presents data in daily, weekly, monthly, or timeline layouts. Using the calendar by planners is a natural and intuitive tool. Events can be marked with defined colors. The administrative tool allows for the definition of calendars in any way. This allows for distinguishing and organizing displayed events according to objects or event types.


In the program, we can easily generate passes for specific objects or guests at the gate.

On the printed pass, we can include QR codes, which will allow for monitoring movement within the premises.

Signature on a tablet

With the document, we have the ability to place a signature in the form of an image. The signature can be used to confirm deliveries or any other document. The signature is executed by the warehouse or security using a tablet or a self-service kiosk.

Self-registration at the kiosk

A kiosk is a personalized standalone or wall-mounted device that can be used within a company's premises. A dedicated solution of the Studio VSS.net system designed for such a device allows for registering arrivals, confirming data, or providing information related to further processing, such as indicating the loading/unloading document to which the transport should be directed.

Internal communication and notifications

Platform users can send and receive notifications. The program stores the history of information exchange and allows replying to the sender's message. Messages can be sent individually or to specific user groups.

Web-based solution

The Studio VSS.net platform is developed using web technology and can be accessed through any popular web browser.

The process of creating notifications


In the VSS.net system, users can easily create a new delivery or shipment notification.
Thanks to the comprehensive notification form, users can define various details including the type of transport, number of pallets, driver information, contact details, and vehicle registration numbers.
Once the notification is created, it is processed accordingly by various software roles. The notification will be documented from its arrival at the gate, through the warehouse, and until departure. At any time, documents and photos can be attached to the processed item. The entire notification is saved in the history.


Modern technologies and compliance with current standards like HTML5 allow using the Studio VSS.net system on any platform: Microsoft Windows, Android, Apple macOS, or iOS.

SMS and email communication



The system sends notifications to the carrier or driver about important changes in the notification. Additionally, employees have the ability to send ad hoc messages from the system.
Sent messages are stored in the archive, allowing us to quickly and easily review the history of sent communications.
email VSS


The system can send notifications to suppliers or carriers based on specific events.
Additionally, employees can directly send such messages from the notification platform.
All messages are archived in the sent notifications archive.

Attach files and photos



Adding attachments to notifications can be very useful as it allows for sending documents or product photos that can assist in analysis and problem-solving. Attachments can include files such as pdf, jpeg, zip, docx.
Each notification can have its own attachments, making them easily accessible for viewing.
Dokumentacja fotograficzna

Photographic documentation

In the program, we can store photos of vehicle license plates.
Additionally, for each notification, we can add any number of photos documenting the condition of the delivery, packaging, etc. This can serve as the basis for filing complaints.
The program features a search engine for the photo database.


Detailed reports

Based on the information stored in the database, the program generates useful summaries and reports including:

• Current loading and unloading activities
• Average handling time for transportation vehicles and loading/unloading by the warehouse, waiting time in the parking lot, and time spent on the premises
• Punctuality of driver arrivals
• Alerts related to missing records upon entry or exit
• Compliance of notifications with actual conditions, such as pallet quantities.

Reports can be exported as Excel files or PDFs

Role of the transport department

Role for the transport department

This is the main role in the VSS.net program. We use it to configure and supervise the entire notification process.

In this role, we create records for contractors, carriers, or assortment. We also create a scheme for the entire notification process: we establish warehouses, objects, gates, or ramps according to our needs.

Thanks to the provided dictionaries, we can edit notification time windows, their statuses, and types: transports, pallets, containers, and many more at any time.

Additionally, thanks to the dictionaries, we can easily set the content of SMS and email notifications.

In the main role, we also find reports that help optimize work and effectively manage resources.

Role of the supplier

Supplier role

Some users may have access to the role of SUPPLIER, where upon logging in, they have access to options for browsing their notifications, history, and can create new notifications.

Additionally, they have the ability to complete transport data and attach files.

The role of the forwarder

Role of the forwarder - carrier

Every carrier can have access to the platform. After logging in, they can view their notifications.

The carrier can check their history and the statuses of currently processed notifications. Additionally, through the calendar module, they can add a new notification.

Gate and security

Gate and security role

In the notification process, the gate entrance, often referred to as security, plays an important role. Security personnel at the gate register the arrival of transportation to the facility.

Furthermore, in this role, we can register:

  • Unannounced entries (e.g., technical services, guests)
  • Issue passes for individuals entering the premises
  • Maintain a guestbook
  • Operate barriers
  • Measure temperature
  • Take photos of vehicles, license plates
  • Accept signatures of drivers
  • Scan notification documents, deliveries
The Gate and Security role can be operated in tablet mode, where the menu is adapted for display on tablet devices. These devices are often used at reception desks and entrance gates.

Customs agency

Customs Agency Role

The ability to use the role for the customs agency when its employees are on the premises. A delivery marked as being serviced by the customs agency cannot be accepted by the warehouse until permission is given in the system for unloading.

In the customs agency role, we have the ability to view related documents at earlier stages of processing.

Warehouse role

Warehouse, Ramp Role

The last standard role in the notification system is the role of warehouse employees.

Based on the scan of a pass or notification (QR code from a printout or mobile phone), the warehouse worker knows which delivery they are handling.

The system tracks the time the vehicle is parked at the ramp, the start of unloading, and the completion time. The collected data is used to generate detailed reports.


Our software will accelerate the development of your company.


Qualified staff


Our software will accelerate the development of your company.



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The license cost is the sum of the base fee plus the number of users.


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The license cost is the sum of the base fee plus the number of users.


Software as a Service License. The base fee includes:

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The license is unlimited in terms of the number of users.


License with the right to modify the source code for own needs. The base fee includes:

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The license is unlimited in terms of the number of users.

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